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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  March 24, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm CDT

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by johnson and came off the knee of taj. neil: that full time-out taken by toronto so they have 3.6 or we go to overtime and the bulls trying to survive this little flurry at the end. you see bargnani gets an unbelievable look right there. and it was never on line. it fswas wide to the right. but they offensively rebounded. stacey: brewer had the steal. taj had the rebound. and you see johnson swipe it out. it will be toronto's ball. neil: now they will look at the clock. 3.9 on the clock. stacey: that is enough time to get a shot. they will get the last shot. so the bulls really have to
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tighten it up here and not give up something easy. neil: toronto takes their final time-out. we will be back with the final 3.9 seconds.
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neil: calderon will pull the trigger but he will have to do it from his baseline on the right baseline. calderon calderon. deng will play back there with him. gets there on bargnani. they get it in. bargnani a look. in and out, no good. we are going to go to overtime. stacey: he got a good look. neil: he did. that was twice he had good looks. stacey: even though he made
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those shots he is shooting 28%. neil: he is 4-18 in the game. stacey: he had a wide open look. taj was caught on the screen by forbes. neil: we head to overtime. the bulls' first of this season. 94-94.
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neil: 94-94 at the end of regulation. stacey was saying something good was going to happen. the raptors had two good looks by bargnani. the first was at point blank range. and this is the look at the last one. he had one from eight or nine feet feet wide open. and he missed it. then he got that one that rattled around and rimmed out. we go to overtime. stacey: toronto comes into
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overtime, they are 2-1 in overtime. this will be the bulls' first game this season in overtime. they came close the dark rose hit the -- derrick rose hit the game win prime minister -- win prime minister milwaukee. neil: they are trigger it get their 40th win of the season. stacey: toronto has made them work. neil: they have. gibson against amir johnson. that was a bad toss. they are going to redo it. he threw that about even with the eyes of both guys. in the air. won by toronto. stacey: the bulls have gone back it carlos boozer for offense.
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let's see if toronto stays in the pick-and-roll. neil: there is bargnani. calderon involved in it. bargnani bargnani. up and misses but a foul on boozer. stacey: that was not a smart foul. you have a guy who is struggling 4-18 fplt. there it is rate there. carlos come up and hits him right on the arm. neil: in the hraslast two games against the bulls he is 6-28. stacey: he had two wide open looks that could have won the game for the raptors. neil: barely rolls it free throw in. stacey: he is a much better shooter. this has been a tough year because he has been hurt. both he and calderon have low three-point field goal percentages. under 30%.
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neil: he and calderon i think have played only about 16 games together coming into tonight. stacey: the bulls were one of only two teams who had not played an overtime game. neil: amir johnson had no idea where bipartisan was. stacey: the bulls defense has to get some stops here. neil: bargnani with eight to shoot. they are not going to get much out of this. six, five. inside. amir johnson goes up and scores. stacey: the shot clock was winding down. neil: it was just about to expire. stacey: you couldn't get better defense for 20 of the 24 seconds on the shot clock by the bulls.
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neil: there is boozer against bargnani. brewer circles down the lane, and that was deng running in and a jump ball called. i'm not sure that shouldn't have been a travel but there was a collision. stacey: it got tight there. they come at the same time and meet. you see there four red jerseys on that dribble weave action. neil: run down by gibson who fires. rebound deng, back up and good. there were three white shirts and one red shirt. stacey: it is going to come down for the bulls to dig deep because this toronto team is not going anywhere. neil: 98-98 tie. called reason trying to find --
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calderon trying to find bargnani. stacey: that is what we talk about. that is championship time basketball. this is where, if things don't go your way you have to find a way to dig deep and try to find a way to win. right now the bulls are getting all they can handle. neil: 98-98. this is an opportunity for the bulls to get into the lead. watson. brewer. deng the drive. the foul. that was lost on the floor. picked up about i boozer. back up to brewer. brewer fires and misses. rebound tapped out and toronto has it. still tied
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neil: toronto has showed some grit. the bulls with an opportunity to take the lead. here comes watson. stolen. james johnson on the run. running in and misses. stacey: that was a tripleerrible shot. neil: time-out taken with 11 on the shot clock.
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you are right, that was -- gentleman they got the rebound. you have to pull that ball back out. you have possession. pull it back out and let your team run a set. c.j. got too deep. that is good defense by the raptors. but it goes in and he tries to finish and he just can't. neil: here is the other issue. forbes gets the ball and dribbles 13 seconds off the shot clock without going anywhere. stacey: you go back to the last possession by the bulls. they are collapsing and on any drive by the bulls you have seen a couple of possessions we saw the jump ball between luol deng and he went in there last time. c.j. watson went in and johnson is daring the bulls to shoot.
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neil: did james johnson's shot hit the rim? stacey: i don't know. i thought it was an air ball. neil: it was then i'm wrong. i thought it caught the rim. there is calderon. he has to hurry with eight seconds six five. pick-and-roll has killed the bulls all night. stacey: he has come off that high pick-and-roll like a surgeon. if you don't double him he will take the shot. neil: 20 points for calderon. watson off the three. c.j. back to luol. corner brewer and the whistle and a foul. forbes commits his third.
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stacey: dwane casey is take why. you see toronto collapsing. korver comes in to create some over. neil: there is gibson deng, back it -- to watson. watson long range. no boozer back up and a foul. stacey: that is a big every rebound by carlos boozer. he has watson out there and that was a difficult shot. neil: that is the fourth on forbes and toronto as good as they were rebounding the ball early, now watch this. forbes has inside position and he didn't even jump as boozer just rebounded that over the top of him. why that was set up by taj gibson getting the inside
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position. he dove to the opposite side and boozer got outside position over the top. neil: boozer in the air. hits the first. stacey: if you are dwane casey you will put it in calderon's hands and let him operate. he is making the right basketball plays. neil: 100-100 with 1:19 left. calderon calderon. nowhere to go and he threw it away. deng winds up. short.
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johnson turns the corner. no bad shot. stacey: you can't just go down and throw up shots. they have to get something there. neil: i don't know if james johnson was thinking we have to get two for one. what was he thinking? stacey: he should have pulled it out. he was out of control. dwane casey let him know. neil: 41.6 left. 100-100 tie in overtime. what? you got a dog? yeah, he's a rescue dog, names weego. what kind of name is that? call him. here weego! ♪ ♪ no... yup... here weego. ♪ ♪ here weego! ♪ ♪ thank you. here we go... uhh... ♪ ♪ here we go! [ male announcer ]
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it's the sure sign of a good time. the just right taste of bud light. here we go. [ whimpers ] ♪ ♪ today, we stand against the tyranny of meager travel cards. battle speech right? may i? capital one is issuing a venture double miles challenge. show us how much you spent last year and we'll give you 2 miles for every dollar spent on your travel reward card. up to 100,000 miles! hawaii, here we come. claim your miles at today! what's in your wallet? can you play games on that? not on the runway. no. neil: we are deadlocked at 100-100 and both teams have made some poor decisions down the stretch. 41.6 seconds left. stacey: we have seen a lot of quick shots in this quarter. both teams have had possessions
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where they could get better shots. james johnson right there. toronto gets the ball they come down, he takes a tough shot. casey thought he was fouled. luol is 0-6 from the three-point and took a quick three. if he hits that great but you are in a tough game. shot selection has to be better. >> the bulls will have a chance to score first here as they inbound the ball with 16 on the shot clock. c.j. watson has made a couple offing about shots. boozer falling away missing. rebound to calderon. now they will bring it across the time line. to bargnani. johnson against loul deng. james johnson into the lane and shot blocked.
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and a jump ball is called. stacey: look at dwayne casey. it should be a technical foul. neil: the other official called a foul. stacey: courtney kirkland who got an earful from dwayne casey on the last time-out. he should have given him a technical foul. he makes this call. the foul is charged to boozer. now, watch. watch the drive here. neil: boozer comes to help. stacey: that is what you call justice right there. he misses the free throw. but courtney kirkland got an earful from dwayne casey right before the last time-out. it was a tough call on carlos boozer.
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neil: asik checks in. gibson comes out. james johnson makes 1-2. 15 15.2 left. for the bulls a field goal wins it. any continued of field goal. stacey: you have a lot of time. neil: yes you do. there is a look at the game reset. toronto a full and a 20, the bulls with a 20. if tom thibodeau doesn't like what he sees either on the inbounds or early on in this final 15.2 he could get another time-out. everybody talks about him being a defensive coach.
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he doesn't get enough credit for what he schemes offensively. the bulls have been very good offensively all year. they need to be now. stacey: they have a lot of time. 15.2 on the clock. get to the line get a good high percentage shot. if your situation arises of driving in and a guy is outside take the shot but no need to rush. neil: deng it -- to inbound. they got it to boozer. 13 12. he drives. into the lane blocked and that is taken by toronto and the foul. stacey: amir johnson had the block. luol deng went up and looked like he double-clutched.
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james johnson comes over. double-clutch. that might have been james johnson. neil: both of them may have gotten a hand on it. it is not over. they can't make free throws. he misses after james johnson made just one of two. the bulls have one 20 left. they have 6.4. he missed it. and a time-out. wow! how about this. stacey: missed two free throws. neil: they have missed three of four in the last 30 seconds.
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stacey: wow! neil: james johnson split a pair and forbes misses two. 6.4. now the bulls are out fof time-outs. the raptors have a full and 20 left. stacey: we are only down one. you have enough time to get a good shot. you see john lucas coming in the game now. neil: lucas, watson korver boozer and deng. an offensive team. stacey: it will be interesting. john lucas there was for these moments. neil: so far nobody is picking up lucas. they are not sure who to guard.
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a small lineup out there. forwards and guards. in it deng. watson to his left. firing, no. bucket. it has to be good. stacey: luol deng with the offensive rebound. they are going to take a look at it but that locked like it is a bucket. neil: lou in the right place at the right time. stacey: wow! if they got this, the bulls are living right. we will come back to the replay. c.j. going to his left. he steps back but nobody boxes out luol deng. that is a bucket. let's go home. drive home safely. neil: here it is from the inbounds. stacey: nice drive. there is the shot block.
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it is bucket. that is out of his hands. neil: you will know in a minute. stacey: there's 1.5 on the clock there. neil: it is in his hands, in his hands, out. stacey: it is out. you look at the clock, too. it is out. out of his hands. that is bucket. that is a bucket. there is no too many left. i don't know what they are looking at. neil: they are looking at it from a different angle now. stacey: i don't know if you can see the clock here.
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neil: they are going frame by frame by frame. stacey: that is good. that is good. bucket. bucket. drive home safely, chicago. beep beep-beep. neil: 102-101 bulls win by luol deng's put-back of c.j. watson's jumper 102-101 in overtime. back in just a minute.
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craftsman. trust. in your hands. neil: we are back here in overtime the bulls beat the raptors 102-101. tonight's play of the game brought to you by budweiser. and here it is. c.j. into the lane blocked but right to luol deng who just bet the light and we will look at it again. watch this. it comes down and nobody checks luol. he shovels it toward the rim and good. game over. the bulls win 102-101. they had help from toronto. front misses three free throws down the stretch that probably would have gotten them a win. but the bulls found a way to do
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it. it looked like it was lost and all of a sudden it was won. stacey: that is what championship teams are made of. you find a way when things are not going your way, you get it done. they are living right. neil: toronto, give them credit, they played last night and beat up a new york team in toronto then flew here. in the game in front they hung in for a little more than a half and the bulls pulled away. tonight they stayed to the end. stacey: you have to take your hat off it them. they had the most offensive rebounds that the bulls have given up this season. the bulls are a very good rebounding taoepbl inging team. you never see that happen to a bulls team. give credit to toronto. they played hard. neil: the bulls still perfect 19-0 when they get to the 100 mark. our next telecast will be tuesday april 10 w


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